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Damanhur welcomes guests from around the world to explore spiritual, artistic and social research.

Damanhur is a remarkable living laboratory, and it is a pleasure to share our more than forty years of research and experience in spiritual, artistic and social fields with guests from around the world. Your visit is a precious occasion for exchange and spiritual enrichment, and we see it as a great opportunity to create together a new future for humanity.

In this part of the website, you will find travel and booking information for the many diverse visits and events we offer throughout the year. Please remember it is necessary to make a reservation BEFORE you arrive! Plan ahead and let us know when you are coming so we can arrange a comfortable place for you to sleep and organize a wealth of activities while you are here!

To begin, select the following from the menu above:

Choose a Basic Visit

Whether you want time to relax or to delve deeper into the many different layers of Damanhur, our visits offer a profound and memorable experience, each carefully planned to be both educational and enjoyable. Choose based on the length of stay and activities desired.

Add Additional Activities

Once you have your visit, pick from the wide range of activities specially designed to explore the diversity of Damanhur: meditate in the Temples of Humankind, walk the labyrinths, learn to work with clay or visit the some of our biggest territories.

Participate in an Event

Throughout the year, participate in moments of collective exchange where you can partake in ritual or work alongside us in the Temples. And for members of the Popolo Spirituale, remember to reserve your place for rituals and activities just for to you.

Try a Service

If you find that you have an extra couple of hours in your itinerary and want to treat yourself to something extra precious, you will find an eclectic assortment of things to do and items to choose from that are truly unique to Damanhur.

Organize your arrival:

At Damanhur Welcome Center, you will find a friendly, multicultural staff who all together speak numerous languages and are dedicated to helping you organize your stay and assist you with anything you may require. We look forward to welcoming you soon!