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Group Visits

Travel Agents: If you are a licensed travel agent and would like to inquire about travel to Damanhur, fill out our contact form and select the topic "Group Visits."

Tour Guides and Operators: If you are a tour guide or operator and would like to coordinate a hosted tour to Damanhur or make travel arrangements for a group to visit here, fill out our contact form and select "Group Visits."

Work Retreats and Community Organizations: As a "living laboratory" for humankind, Damanhur is an extraordinary place to host your work retreat, independent conference, training session or community group’s gathering. We especially encourage events that relate to community building, team building and leadership, creativity and the creative arts, spirituality and personal growth. To explore options, fill out our contact form and select "Group Visits".

Customized Itineraries: We are happy to arrange a customized itinerary for groups with a specific focus or for groups that have already been to Damanhur and are looking to further deepen their experience with a specific focus. If you have a desire or need for a customized itinerary, please contact our Welcome Office through our contact form.


School Field Trips: If you are an educator from the secondary school to university level and would like to schedule a field trip to Damanhur, please fill out our contact form and select "Group Visits." as the topic.

Thesis Studies / Research Papers: Our community is open to anyone who is writing a thesis or research paper. To schedule a visit for this purpose, contact us to discuss the project (what you want to research), as well as to schedule any necessary field study or gather pertinent information. Due to the amount of requests we receive, it’s best to plan as far in advance as possible so that we can accommodate your requirements. To begin the process, fill out our contact form and select "Thesis Studies / Research Papers" as the topic.

Media Inquiries

For all media requests, press visits, interviews with Damanhur, or for permission to film or photograph at Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind, please complete the contact form and select "Media Inquiries."

Private Events / Special Occasions

Spiritual / Religious Leaders and Dignitaries / Distinguished Guests: In Damanhurian philosophy, much importance is given to the world’s indigenous and spiritual popoli who are the keepers of wisdom, tradition and relationship with the planet. For this reason, Damanhur has an affinity for attracting, hosting and learning from the world’s spiritual and religious leaders. We encourage such leaders to visit Damanhur, share experiences and explore how we can create a new tomorrow. For further details, fill out our contact form and select the topic "Private Events / Special Occasions."

Host an Event at Damanhur: With special permission, the territory within Damanhur may be used to host special events, based on availability and type of event. To inquire about hosting an event here, write to us with details about your event through our contact form, selecting "Host an Event at Damanhur" as the topic.

Getting Married at Damanhur: The ritual of marriage is profoundly special and unique at Damanhur. To begin your life together at Damanhur, complete our contact form and type "Getting Married at Damanhur" in the subject line.