Good to Know

We have a special greeting

We have a special Italian saying that we use to greet one another at Damanhur: con te (if greeting one person) and con voi (for more than one). This is our way of saying, "I am with you." Feel free to use this greeting when at Damanhur.

Damjl is closed every Monday evening

Every Monday evening from 7 PM onward, the central area of Damjl is closed to the public, including the café Somachandra. The grocery store Tentaty and bar Arielvo, both located in Damanhur Crea, are closed, as well. This is due to the fact that all Damanhur citizens participate together in weekly meditation at this time. For this reason, on Monday evenings it is best to plan to eat in if you don't have a car or to go outside of Damanhur to dine if you do have a car.

Community events are always taking place. Join us!

Damanhur hosts special events throughout the year and while you are here, you may see any one or more of these events taking place, such as Midnight Action on New Year's Eve, the Five Great Rituals, the Photo of the Popolo, Damanhurian New Year and a monthly full Moon Rite of the Oracle. We encourage you to participate in these events and enjoy a taste of community life at Damanhur. Registration is required.

As a community, please respect our practices

Damanhur is a spiritual community and as such, we have various practices, rituals and events that may not be understandable to you at first glance. For example, you may encounter a person who does not answer when you speak to them. Please don't be dismayed or insulted! It is possible that this person is "in silence." Similarly, if you hear a bell ring three times around sunset at Damjl, you will notice that everyone stops in silence throughout its duration, even if you are in the middle of a conversation! As the bell tolls, Damanhurians send messages of love and solidarity to all of humanity. You may also do so, if you like!

Embrace our imperfection

Please keep in mind that Damanhur is not a museum, resort spa or other fully commercial operation. We are foremost a community where residents live, work, play and experiment. For this reason, everything may not be perfect. We are a "living laboratory" and a constant work in progress. This is part of the beauty that is Damanhur.

Italian-guided tours are offered every Sunday

Every Sunday afternoon, Damjl is open to the public free of charge, and at a reduced rate, visitors can take a guided tour of four of the eight halls in the Temples of Humankind with an Italian-speaking guide. Reservations are not required for the tour of Damjl. For the guided tour of the Temples, pre-registration is necessary. Click here for dates and times.

We give a salutation at our "greeting trees"

In various places around Damanhur territory, you will find "greeting trees", typically located in an easily accessible spot such as in the yard at the main entrance to a home or building. Upon entering a space, it is customary to stop and "greet" the living beings who coexist there: the plants and nature spirits. This is done through the gesture of touching one's forehead to the trunk of the tree and giving thanks for being surrounded by so many wondrous forms of life. On some Damanhur lands, a centrally located stone has been chosen instead of a tree. We encourage you to respond in kind with this same gesture. It's a wonderful practice of connection to the ecosystem we belong to.

We typically choose animal and plant names at some point in our spiritual journey

Damanhurians make the decision to assume a new name at some point, such as after becoming a citizen or becoming closely connected to our community in other ways. This practice of taking on a new name is symbolic of the deep transformation that one goes through on a spiritual path and serves to further strengthen one's connection with the natural world. Damanhur citizens always have a say in what their new name will be; with this act, they define a new phase of their lives, a kind of rebirth.

Choosing one's name at Damanhur is a community-wide process, a game of sorts, in which the individual assertively "conquers" their name, more so than passively "chooses" it. Animal names or names of mythical creatures are chosen as a first name to establish a connection with nature, and specifically with another living species with which they can easily identify. Later, a plant name may be requested and subsequently conferred upon the individual as a second name. We have found it to be amusing and fun to have these names! At Damanhur, it is said that in order to do things seriously, we need to not take ourselves too seriously.

What are the brightly colored labyrinths that I see around Damanhur?

The labyrinths at Damanhur are pathways within nature that are marked by stones. Walking inside of these pathways helps to develop a deep contact with the energies of the land, which in turn heightens and activates the energy of the person walking them. Experiencing the power and mystery of the labyrinths is easy to do; simply follow the path at a steady pace, allowing yourself to be guided by instinct. If you'd like, you may "go into" the labyrinth with a particular question or situation that you would like to have insight about. As you circle the labyrinth, you will experience a broader perspective on your issue and even receive direct answers and inspiration.

The labyrinths are mainly found at Damjl and in the Sacred Woods Temple. Feel free to walk the ones in Damjl after your guided tour or at anytime during your visit. These original Damanhur labyrinths focus on specific effects: increasing optimism, stimulating dreams, helping digestion and aiding memory. The labyrinths in the Sacred Woods Temple twist and turn through the plant life, following the contours of the earth. These labyrinths facilitate a deep connection between us and nature and have specific functions such as art, wellness, music, dreams, dance. Walking the labyrinths in the Sacred Woods requires an additional visit or reservation.