Meditations in the Temples of Humankind

A Guided or Unguided Meditation in One of the Temple Halls

Once you have experienced the half-day or longer Temple visit, you will probably feel called to venture more deeply into the Temples to linger, take it all in and discover more about the meaning of each of the eight halls. With this add-on, you can return to the Temples and fully absorb the essence and meaning of the spaces that personally speak to you. In this visit, you will be given quiet time for meditation; with advanced permission, you may sing, dance, do yoga or engage in whatever is personally meaningful for you. Indulging in this precious time for yourself in the Temples—ensconced in the quiet heart of the mountain and surrounded by artistry and inspired architecture—is something you will never forget.

Intentionally constructed at the convergence point of four Synchronic Lines (the "superhighways of energy" that link the Earth to the cosmos), the Temples are the perfect place to open channels to higher inspiration, creativity and dreaming. Your experience there will no doubt unlock extraordinary potential for your spiritual, artistic and personal growth. It is like no place else on Earth!

Every hall in the Temples of Humankind is like a vivid, living tome of knowledge dedicated to humanity in various universal forms of spirituality. The images and symbols within the Temples all serve awaken a sense of the sacred, which is the true inheritance of every human being. The dynamics of each hall are unique. Specific activation patterns, sounds, mantras and movements are used so that you may enter into complete harmony and resonance with yourself and the particular hall.

Each hall also has a specific function, which you can personally tap into and utilize. Being in these sacred and energetically charged spaces creates the perfect atmosphere for working on issues that are personally relevant to you. For instance, you may choose to connect with your intuition, release fear and worry, create more harmonious relationships and community support, accomplish goals, peel away layers that obscure your inner beauty, become unstuck and reawaken your passions, connect with nature and the environment, end feelings of isolation and insecurity, or begin your soul's journey towards personal transformation.

Pre-requisites: To participate in these meditations, you must have already completed a visit to the Temples of Humankind.

Notes: This visit can take place individually or in a group, based on requests. Meditations last approximately 90 minutes, from meeting at the Welcome Office to exiting the Temples. Each meditation is preceded by a set of preparation exercises to be done on your own. These exercises are an important part of the meditation and should be completed before the start of the program. Upon request, you can choose to have your meditation with a Damanhurian facilitator.

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