Need to Know

When you visit Damanhur, we want you to truly feel like you are coming home. We strive to make sure that all of your comforts, needs, requests and desires are taken care of, so you can be free to immerse yourself into a profound experience and maximize your time here. If you have a question about something that is not listed below, please visit our Good to Know and FAQ page, as well as Plan Your Stay.

Before you arrive

What to Bring:

Reservation. Before coming to Damanhur, you are required to make a reservation.

Travel Documents. Damanhur is part of Italy and is subject to its laws. If you are visiting us from Europe, an ID is sufficient. If you are traveling from anywhere outside of Europe, you will need a passport. For those who are visiting Damanhur for an extended period of time (to take part in our Lab of Life program, for example), please be aware that all non-European Union (EU) citizens are expected to be familiar with the rules and have the appropriate visas and documents secured in advance. It is typically easy to obtain a three-month tourist visa if you are not an EU citizen. If you would like to stay longer than three months and are not an EU citizen, you will need to obtain the appropriate visa or a green card.

Clothing. Damanhur is situated at the foothills of the Italian Alps, and it is common for the weather to change rapidly. We advise you to come prepared for both warm and cool climates. We have no particular dress code, other than "be comfortable." Layered clothing, light raingear and footwear for hiking the nearby trails are recommended. Temperatures vary between 15° to 33° Celsius (60° to 90° Fahrenheit) in the summer to below zero to 5° Celsius (23° to 40° Fahrenheit) in the winter. To find the current forecast, search for the nearby cities of Vidracco or Baldissero Canavese.

Children. Damanhur welcomes guests of all ages. Child care and babysitting services are not available at Damanhur so children must be under parental care at all times. When traveling with small children, please be advised that the age requirement for entering the Temples of Humankind is 9 years old. Children ages 9 through 12 can visit the Temples free of charge; and we offer ages 13 to 16 a family friendly 50% discount.

Electronics. Feel free to bring your mobile devices and other necessities like an alarm clock and hair dryer. Italy uses 220V wall sockets (US uses 110V). You will need a plug adapter in order to plug your electrical device with an American flat-pronged plug into an Italian wall socket with a two- or three-prong socket. If your appliance is not designed to run on dual voltages (only 110V), you will also need a power converter or transformer. These items can be purchased at appliance stores everywhere and at most airports.

Mobile Phone and Personal Computer. Please note that our guest rooms do not have phones or wireless Internet access. You will need to bring your own computer and portable wi-fi device in order to make phone calls and get online from your room. Internet access is available at Damjl and at Damanhur Crea. You will need to have your own computer but can register for guest access to our wireless account in these two locations.

Personal Items. For your comfort, be sure to bring toiletries (including sunscreen), sunglasses, medications, earplugs (if you are sharing a room) and a large water bottle, as refills of fresh spring water can be purchased for .05 euro outside of Damanhur Crea. Toiletries are also for sale at Tentaty, the market at Damanhur Crea.

Money. Damanhur accepts cash and credit cards (US checks cannot be accepted in Italy). We recommend bringing a small amount of cash (an ATM is located at Damjl). Damanhur has its own currency, the Credito, which is equal in value to the euro. (The use of Credito is not required.) Currency conversion machines (euro to Credito only) are located at Damjl and Damanhur Crea. All stores at the Crea post signs indicating the forms of payment they accept.

What to Leave at Home

Pets. Because Damanhur is a travel destination as well as a community, we do not recommend bringing pets. We certainly love animals and yet we've found that bringing outside pets can be stressful for our other two-legged and four-legged guests and residents. Some pets may be permitted in certain guest rooms for an extra fee, but pets are not permitted in many of the guest sites. Animals must be kept on a leash and under the owner's control at all times. Animals are strictly forbidden from entering the Temples. Service dogs are permitted in most areas of Damanhur; please inquire at the Welcome Office if you are sight-impaired and wish to visit the Temples.

Smoking. As part of the Constitution of Damanhur, smoking is banned within all Damanhur territories, including outdoor spaces. This policy has been in place since 1975, when the founders chose this as an exercise of self-discipline, as well as to promote consideration not just for oneself but for others and the natural environment—especially the plant world and nature spirits. This non-smoking policy applies to everyone, even guests.

Valuables. While Damanhur is a safe place, we do not recommend bringing expensive items. We do not have safes or facilities to store valuables and cannot guarantee their security.

Once you are Here

Check-in. Once you arrive in Damanhur, check in at the Welcome Office. If you are staying on site, you may check into your room anytime before 5 p.m. and can pick up your key at the Welcome Office. Check-out time is by 11 a.m. You will be given a guided tour of the grounds so that you will know where everything is located. Afterwards, leave time to explore the central area of Damjl at your leisure. Please be aware that some areas are strictly reserved for residents; this will be explained during your guided visit.

Guest Badge. You will be given a guest badge upon check-in. Please wear it during the duration of your stay. This is mostly so others can recognize you as a visitor; you will receive a warm welcome from everyone you encounter.

Car. We recommend having a vehicle to access Damanhur's different territories, which are spread out over 10km in the Valchiusella Valley. Most areas outside of Damjl cannot be reached by foot due to the terrain and distance. Parking is available at Damjl and the Crea.

Transportation. If you do not have a vehicle, you will still find it possible to access the central territories through our own mode of ride sharing called "synchronic rides." (Think of it as hitching a ride with the friendliest drivers anywhere!) Look for signage at the main gate at Damjl and the main doors at the Crea indicating where to stand for a synchronic ride. Simply wait in that spot and before long, someone will stop and ask, "Do you need a ride?" If you find yourself in need of assistance, you can ask at the front gate at Damjl (Segreteria) or at the reception area of Damanhur Crea.

Phone and Internet. Free wireless Internet connection is available at Damanhur Crea and at Somachandra Café in Damjl. Please note that our guest rooms do not have phones or wireless Internet access. You must bring your own computer and portable wi-fi device or mobile hotspot. For phone calls of an urgent or emergency nature, go to the main reception desk at Damanhur Crea.

Groceries and Toiletries. At Damanhur Crea, you will find a lovely café, an organic restaurant and a small organic grocery market, where you can purchase food, toiletries and other personal items. While at Crea, check out the art studio, painting gallery, hair salon, health, healing clinic, wellness services and other service businesses.

Medical Emergencies. In addition to an onsite clinic, Crea Salute, at Damanur Crea, Damanhur has a team of trained medical doctors, nurses and EMTs that is available in case of emergencies. Our community is also connected to the local hospitals, should our guests have a need. If you have a specific medical condition that may require emergency care, please let our Welcome Office know so we can best accommodate you should something arise.

Persons with Disabilities. If you have a specific medical or physical condition that limits your mobility, senses or full enjoyment of an activity, please make us aware of the nature of your disability so that we can tailor your visit to your needs. Since only a few Damanhur guest houses can accommodate those with physical disabilities, please call or contact the Welcome Office directly to reserve your room instead of booking online. Please note that some of the site visits may be shorter or less extensive, depending on your specific condition. We highly recommend that you travel with a companion who can assist you, as needed.

Designated and Private Areas:

Stone Spirals and Labyrinths. These are located throughout the grounds. We encourage you to walk the ones located in Damjl at your leisure; others can only be walked with a guide or instructor. Please follow the instructions listed on the signboards at their entrances.

Temples and Meditation Areas. As you walk the grounds of Damjl, you will come upon areas where you can meditate and enter into contact with the four elements: fire, water, earth and air. These are marked by specially colored signboards. For example, you will see a fountain for contact with the element of water, as well as the Open Temple for the air element. You are invited to walk around these areas and enjoy their beauty; however, we ask that you do not sit or climb on any altars, as they are active ritual spaces.

Private Wooded Area. Boschetto della Coscienza (or, "Little Woods of Consciousness") is a wooded area on the grounds of Damjl that honors the nature spirits and the elements. This space is reserved exclusively for use by citizens and/or initiates. Please respect this private area.