New Life Program

We are preparing a new introductory program for people who want to discover more on living in Damanhurian, full of interesting new aspects. We will soon share the new program and the available dates for 2019. If you are interested in subscribing to the future program, please write to

Live Like a Damanhurian!

The best way to understand the Damanhur lifestyle is to live it! With this in mind, we offer temporary citizenship to anyone who wants to fully immerse in our world and join into the heart of our community for a period of time. It doesn't matter if you've known Damanhur for years or are discovering it for the first time. All are welcome.

In addition to living with Damanhur citizens and sharing in daily life, responsibilities and moments of celebration, you will also have access to encounters where the history of Damanhur comes alive through stories about the various stages of transformation in this 40-year-old community. At the end of the period, New Life participants continue on a journey—either moving onto new shores or deepening their adventure at Damanhur. Those who wish to stay longer may do so in order to explore community life more thoroughly and even consider becoming a resident citizen.

New Life participants come to Damanhur from many countries around the world, which adds to the international flavor and diversity of the experience. Knowing Italian is not a requirement to participate in the program, though learning some beforehand or along the way helps to make it a more meaningful and emotionally rich experience.

Notes: Reservations are required. To learn more about New Life, read our FAQ here.

Contact us to request to become a New Life citizen of Damanhur, and we will send you additional information. We will kindly ask you to answer some questions and share some information that will help us get to know you little better. After receiving a New Life Handbook, the next step is a Skype conversation, where you can ask questions about Damanhur, the program and temporary citizenship.

All are welcome!