If you find that you have an extra couple of hours in your itinerary and want to treat yourself to something extra precious, you will find an eclectic assortment of things to do and items to choose from that are truly unique to Damanhur.

Most of the professional services, product creations and other offerings can be found at Damanhur Crea (unless otherwise noted, below). It is the perfect atmosphere in which to leisurely explore and experiment with something new, as the building itself holds the energy of high innovation. Originally an Olivetti typewriter factory, the Crea is now a multipurpose "living laboratory" where ideas and dreams are translated into art objects, cultural events and eco-sustainable projects.

At Crea, you will encounter small businesses related to food and nutrition, green building design and construction, a health clinic, wellness services, art studios and more. Without ever leaving Damanhur Crea, you could do things as diverse as receive a dental treatment, try a new hairstyle, buy an exquisite piece of Selfic jewelry, select organic produce for dinner, have a personalized reading, and pose for a clay bust to be placed in your garden.


  • Artile Artistic Works
    Paintings, stone mosaics and glass art studio offering furnishings, home decorations and art courses. Techniques include Tiffany glass, glass-fusion, glass painting, tromp l’ oeil, landscapes, watercolor paintings and portraits.
    Located in the Damanhur Crea
  • Cobra Alloro
    Sculpture, statues, columns fountains and artistic fireplaces, as well as sculpture courses and stone restoration.
    Located in the Damanhur Crea
    email | +39 348 5155710
  • Hobbit Margherita
    Portraits, decorative arts and commissioned paintings for canvas and walls.
    Located in the art laboratory at Damanhur Crea
    email | +39 320 4780923
  • Niatel Selfic Art Gallery
    The most comprehensive collection of Selfic art anywhere.
    Located at the Damanhur Crea
    +39 389 2465831
  • Opossum Spinacio
    Paintings and art restoration.
    Located in Damanhur Crea
    email | +39 329 9171902
  • LAOSEL Iron Art
    Handcrafted wrought iron.
    Via Pramarzo 8 - Baldissero Canavese (TO)
    email | +39 0124 512804

Beauty, Health, and Wellness

  • Calabrone Farro
    Spiritual healer specializing in craniosacral and Damanhurian treatments.
    Located in Damanhur Crea
    email | +39 347 5429402
  • Cavalluccio marino Arnica
    Spiritual healer specializing in naturopathy, beauty pranatherapy, Damanhurian and Selfic massage, Selfic treatments, Mind Chess, Hearfelt Touch and reflexology.
    Located in Damanhur Crea
    email | +39 329 5379424
  • Elasel
    New generation Selfic treatments, StiloSelf, pranatherapy, beauty pranatherapy and Damanhurian massage.
    Located at Damanhur Crea
    email | +39 348 8721720
  • Etinai
    Pranatherapy, Shiatsu and Selfic treatments.
    +39 339 3088436
  • FisioCrea
    Physiotherapy, mind-body rehabilitation, functional rehabilitation and massage therapy.
    Located at Damanhur Crea
    email | +39 0125 789922
  • Kythera
    Spa and wellness center with energetic balancing, StiloSelf, Selfic massage, steam bed with detoxifying mud, anti-gravity massage and other wellness treatments.
    Located at Damanhur Crea
    email | +39 0125 791113
  • Manabà
    Store that carries the le Essenze del Tempio (the official vibrational essences of the Temples of Humankind), as well as other flower essences, herbal medicine, naturopathy and pranatherapy.
    Located at Damanhur Crea
    +39 349 2979721
  • Performa Eco-Style
    Eco-sustainable hair and beauty salon.
    Located at Damanhur Crea
    +39 0125 791113
  • PranoSelfica
    Pranotherapy and natural medicine studio. No appointment necessary.
    Located at Damjl
    +39 348 6017164
  • Setter Gordon
    F Trainer, Certified S.I.A.F (Società Italiana Armonizzatori Familiari). Creator of Heartfelt Touch and Mind Chess methods.
    email | +39 335 6657266

Fashion and Clothing

  • Aythya
    Exquisite hand-painted silk fashion and accessories, as well as silk painting commissions.
    +39 320 4781900

Food and Toiletries

  • Tentaty
    Natural foods market with organic and GMO-free products.
    Located at Damanhur Crea
    email | +39 0125 789917
  • Somachandra Café
    A cozy café for lunch, dinner and drinks.
    Located at Damjl
    +39 0124 512226
  • Il Tarassaco Agroturism
    Farm-to-table restaurant in the nucleo community of Prima Stalla serving homemade pasta, bread and desserts.
    Cascina Dezzutti – Cuceglio (TO)
    email | +39 328 6489398 |
  • Principe d'Oro
    Bed and breakfast with pizzeria and restaurant.
    Piazza Commendator M. Ceratto, 5 - Vidracco (TO)
    +39 0125 791125
  • Arielvo
    Coffee, lunch café and bar.
    Located in the Damanhur Crea
    +39 0125 789921
  • Fast Pizza and Lunch
    Full-service restaurant and pizzeria.
    Strada Bairo, 3 - Castellamonte (TO) +39 0124 582346


  • OroCrea
    Master Selfic jewelers and goldsmiths.
    Located at Damanhur Crea
    +39 0125 789916
  • SELET Selfic laboratory
    Selfic jewelry and objects for the individual and the environment.
    Located at Damanhur Crea | +39 0125 791144
  • Medical Services

    • Crea Salute Health Services
      Health clinic offering:
      • Integrative medicine
      • Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
      • Allergology
      • General surgery
      • General ultrasound
      • Homeopathic mesotherapy
      • Nutrition and food education
      • Dentistry and orthodontics
      • Orthotics
      • Psychic health
      • Nursing services
      • Pain therapy and management
      Located at Damanhur Crea
      +39 0125 789966