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We created a university to share the knowledge we have researched and put into practice over these forty years.

All the study programs at Damanhur contain theoretical elements where you explore in detail the philosophical concepts of the subject matter and many practical exercises to learn how to apply the teachings. These programs integrate harmoniously with almost any spiritual path. The instructors are Damanhurian initiates with years of teaching and research experience.

Taking a course at Damanhur allows you to benefit directly from the mystical energies and synchronicity of the area. Damanhur and its Temples were built in the convergence point of four Synchronic Lines, the great rivers of cosmic energy that connect all of the galaxy—transporting information, forces and new evolutionary codes.

We have two types of programs:


Three-year paths—plus optional two-year masters’ programs—the Damanhur schools offer a complete and well-rounded growth path with special care to both individual and group dynamics. Each school gives you access to the expansive experience and teachings of the practical and spiritual vision of Damanhur.

The teachings are organized in monthly, residential weekends, and for those living far away, into 10 to 17 day intensives held yearly, depending on the subject matter.

Damanhur University offers schools in five subject areas:
  • School for Spiritual Healers
  • Alchemy School
  • Mystery School
  • Art School
  • Community School


As elements of a larger path, the courses of Damanhur can be experienced individually as unique and thorough explorations of a specific subject, with one or more levels.

The fields of study stretch from spiritual healing to communion with Nature and Divine Forces, from border sciences in contact with other reality dimensions to the exploration of Time and past lives, to art as a form of divine, creative expression, and all the way to the new social paradigm of Damanhur.

Course are organized:
  • in Damanhur
  • in our established centers
  • by our ambassadors in the world

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At Associazione Damanhur Welcome Center, you will find a friendly, multicultural staff who all together speak numerous languages and are dedicated to helping you organize your stay and assist you with anything you may require. We look forward to welcoming you soon!