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Embark on a Three-Year Path towards the Full Expression of your Spiritual Potential

The alchemist is an eclectic artist who aspires to achieve completeness in every aspect of life. While there are various perspectives on alchemy that span millennia and many philosophical traditions, Damanhur's Alchemy School focuses on the maximum evolution and expression of one's potential. It is a fascinating exploration of the primary alchemical laboratory—the body in connection with the larger laboratory: the universe. "Alchemy tends to drive evolution so that there can be a constant link between spiritual and physical development," explained Falco Tarassaco. This course of study offers the ultimate opportunity to do so.

The Three-Year Course

Damanhur's Alchemy School is an exciting journey that unveils the knowledge held deep within every human being and the spiritual ecosystem of which we are a part. Through a process of personal expansion and refinement, students "become the alchemist" as they discover and amplify their innate talents, aptitudes and capabilities.

The physical body is considered to be the holistic result of extraordinary complexity, comprised of the physical, subtle and emotional. Students work toward greater body awareness and balance and practice to expand their level of sensitivity in order to develop a magical-mystical vision.

In this course, participants will:

  • Experiment with manipulating energies and substances—anything from thoughts, emotions and dreams to other subtle non-material energies—through the alchemical principle of "Athanor" (from the ancient Arabic for "baker's oven"), in which the individual utilizes the body as a container to transform "living forces" both within oneself and one's outer environment.
  • Take part in an intriguing mix of methods and exercises—such as the use of dreams, rituals and the reading of signs and symbols—to explore the inner senses and open up to a wider perception of reality.
  • Learn how to create and effectively use ritual as a means to explore the visible and invisible.
  • Actively create a personal staff and "wand" that can be used in one's own ritual work.
  • Be given specific tools to work with, including purified water for distilling emotions.
  • Utilize magical geometries and ritual systems of the ancient esoteric tradition to interact with entities and the elements of nature.
  • Learn how to use "time" as a substance, as well as a "territory" with which to travel back and forth.

Beyond completion of this school, students will be given tools to use at home aimed at furthering their research and personal refinement, as well as putting into practice the knowledge acquired during the course.

Who Should Attend This Course

This course is perfect for anyone who desires to:

  • Awaken to an alchemical vision of life.
  • Experience a fuller realization of one's potential and ability to manage it.
  • Operate in the world of dreams and the astral.
  • Develop one's intuition.
  • Learn to manage sensitivity at an advanced level.
  • Learn how to distill substances for personal transformation.
  • Create and use magical tools for personal refinement and expression.
  • Gain a magical vision of time.

Why This Course is Important Now

This school of study is both timeless and timely. Like our planet Earth and its inhabitants, the process of alchemy is constantly changing and adapting as we evolve through epochs of evolution. Explore this exciting new era of alchemy with us. Through this course's tools and knowledge, prepare to enter into a sublime process of personal transmutation.

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A visit to Damanhur (minimum half-day) is required for this course. To study in a course or school offered by Damanhur University, you must be at least 18 years of age or 16 with parental consent. For children under the age of 16, please contact Damanhur University.