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  • Creativity

Reawaken your Inner Artist and Bring your Truest Expression into Creation

Everyone is born with the gift of creativity, and one of the best ways to express this divine trait is through art. In the busyness and responsibilities of everyday life, creative yearnings often get pushed into the background as "not important." At Damanhur, art is a way of life, and integral to how our citizens thrive as a community. (The Temples of Humankind is the most visible example of that.)

Expression through the figurative arts—painting, drawing, sculpting and more—can be seen everywhere in Damanhur, as well as the art of Sacred Dance and Sacred Language. There is no aspect of Damanhurian life that art does not touch. It is used as a tool to reach deep inside for self-knowledge, and to celebrate together, build together and even work out our challenges as a community. In the Art School, four decades of experimentation in "art as life" come together.

This school of study offers an outlet for anyone—regardless of age or ability—to reawaken the artist within and discover the power that creativity gives you to create in all aspects of life. The goal is not the creation of an esthetic "product" or how to become an adept "formal artist" but rather using art as a means of self-discovery.

The Three-Year Course

During the Art School?s three-year program, students will play with many different types of art in order to access higher realms of knowledge, inspire imagination and inventiveness, and bring these personal expressions into the world of form. The emphasis is not on art technique but rather on creating both individual and collective works of varying complexities in order to fully actualize your creative talents and learn how to give meaning to everything you create. Activities include:

  • Art, Self-Expression and the Revelation of Talents
  • Art, Meditation and Contact with the Forces
  • Art and Alchemy
  • Art and Altered Logic
  • The School of Arts and Crafts
  • Art and Mediumship
  • Art as Healing
  • Man Seen Anew and the Artist Seen Anew
While students are having fun making art and reawakening their innate talents, hidden talents begin to emerge, revealing unconscious aspects of one?s personality and unlocking codes within the body. In the movement portion of the course, the topics will touch upon the inner senses, subtle organs, the chakras (known as the Adonaj-ba), the activation of one?s personal microlines, and applying alchemical-magical principles for the purpose of self-awareness, healing and personal refinement. This course takes advantage of the opportunity to use the stone labyrinths and meditative paths around Damanhur to empower one?s artistic inspiration.

The Art School course (a total of three years in its entirety) is offered as:

  • A 15-day intensive course, with study sessions and lessons throughout each day and evening. This format is perfect for anyone who is visiting Damanhur from abroad and wishes to have a concentrated experience in a condensed length of time.
  • Theme-based weekends. This format is especially suited to those who are in proximity to Damanhur and can attend class once a month.
The result of using art as a gateway to self-understanding is healthier relationships, collaboration with others (through group game playing and mural painting), and the ability to modify your life and surroundings in a positive way.

Who Should Attend This Course

This course is perfect for anyone who desires to:

  • find their expressive or creative voice.
  • discover one?s personal truths.
  • unblock artistic or creative talents.
  • use art as a means to increase one?s fearlessness.
  • seek creative techniques for team building.
  • embrace an "artistic" lifestyle.

Why This Course is Important Now

Creativity has vast applications in terms of lateral thinking and problem solving. At this critical time in our human history, the world needs us (more than ever) to view aspects of life in a fresh, inventive perspective and find better ways to exchange ideas with each other. Like nothing else in life, art gives us that language.

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A visit to Damanhur (minimum half-day) is required for this course. To study in a course or school offered by Damanhur University, you must be at least 18 years of age or 16 with parental consent. For children under the age of 16, please contact Damanhur University.