Art School Basic Course

  • Creativity

Discover your Inner Artist through the Magic of Damanhurian Art

At Damanhur, art is a way of life, an integral part of how citizens evolve as individuals and a community. Art is a vehicle to explore and express our hidden treasures and become aware of subconscious elements that may be useful on our evolutionary path.

The ability to direct our energies toward concrete developments and compare different states of consciousness and different logics are accentuated when you create art. This full expression of oneself is a form of healing to be harnessed and directed.

In the Art School Basic Course—which is the first two days of the three-year Art School—you begin to awaken the inner artist, that part of you which knows how to reach into the realms of knowledge and imagination and bring this expression concretely into this world of Form.

Art is a fascinating universe and an amazing tool; its representations of the world are made of a rich blending of elements that can be mixed in an infinite variety of ways. Using these you can create an inexhaustible number of things. By approaching this as a researcher with the intent to explore new worlds and have fun while doing it, you open your own power of healing through a process of personal refinement and an ever deepening awareness of your very nature.

To study in a course or school offered by Damanhur University, you must be at least 18 years of age or 16 with parental consent. For children under the age of 16, please contact Damanhur University.