Follow the Trail of your Mission

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What is the Purpose of your Existence?

Every human being has a mission to accomplish—a project that gives meaning to our existence across many lives. Upon entering into the world of form, your soul lost the memory of its sacred mission. The reawakening of the divine spark provides the possibility of regaining your full memories and taking control of your soul's path. This is a necessary step in your evolution if you are to complete your mission and reach enlightenment.

When trying to understand your life's mission, without a starting point, you get more questions than answers:

What is the purpose of my existence?

Why this life and this time?

What path should I take?

The answers to your questions lie in first understanding your mission in this life, then piecing that together with the memories and missions of past lives. The five levels of Past Lives Research course give you the foundation to see the bigger picture and upon which you can start assembling what you are meant to accomplish.

With the trail before you, you will learn to create the conditions suitable to receiving the messages that come from within—those deep voices that sometimes only whisper and are covered by the loud noises of the mind. In those delicate messages are found the answers that will guide your steps on the path. The use of the Temples of Humankind and the Sacred Woods Temple amplify your soul's voice and will help you understand the meaning of your existence on this planet.

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