Guiding the Emotions and Lateral Thinking

  • Healing
  • Creativity

Harness the Energy Created by your Emotions

We all have emotions... emotions guide our actions. Rather than limit or suppress them, wouldn't it be great to learn how to recognize them and properly use them to create the reality around you? Feelings of joy and pain are strong energies which are often expressed in a way we call emotionality—raw, incomplete emotions which consume more than they nourish—but with training and conscious awareness, emotions become a valuable source of energy on the path to personal growth and healing.

Taught in two levels, this course provides the skills necessary to transform emotionality into conscious emotion, a force you often ignore or find hard to control, and from which you can draw new strength. With a tried and true method to guide and transform the emotional flow, it will become a source of freedom and expansion, shattering personal limitations and fears and increasing the quality of creative thoughts.

The first level is a "full immersion" in which you will take theoretical concepts and apply them in real-world experiences via play and experimentation. You will embark on a delicate, yet thorough journey guided by experts where you can openly evaluate your patterns and habits with a critical eye and move towards the pleasure of meeting your true nature.

The second level shows you how to identify and reinforce positive emotions. Through them, you will create a path of respect and self-esteem that carries you to the rediscovery of locked feelings and an openness that acts like an open window into the beauty of your own emotions and those of others.

Only by conquering your own emotional balance it is possible to become a reference point for others. This is why working on the emotions is particularly well-suited for trainers and coaches. Immerse yourself in your conscious emotions and let flow your rich, inner world.

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