Inner Answers

  • Perception
  • Knowledge

Apply Time Seed Technology to Unlock the Answers Within

In life we are inundated with questions, some of which illicit a burning desire to look inward for answers. While we know the responses lie within, our multiple inner voices often speak in conflicting tongues guided by individual goals and disparate motivations, rather than a cohesive logic flow. To quiet the constant, internal noise, there is a high risk of creating a rigid rationality of easy answers or to indefinitely postpone life's hardest questions and live in a state of perpetual confusion.

But there is hope! Time seed technology—a tool developed from the research into "time" in Damanhur and our alliance with Selfica—used in the transformation and cultivation of memories, can be effectively applied to quiet the inner voices and unlock the door that leads to the secret room we all have where the answer to any question can be found.

With perseverance and consistent practice of the techniques given in this course, you can step into this reservoir of knowledge hidden in the deepest parts of your being and give your inner sage permission to read from the ancient texts imprinted on your very soul.

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