Spiritual Physics and Humanistic Philosophy

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Where Science and Spirit Merge

Science and spirit: We need both to live in the fullest expression of ourselves as human beings. We are now at a crucial time—foretold by Damanhur founder Falco Tarassaco—when our human future depends on a new sacred story, one that explains how the physics of our natural world merges with the language of the soul and all its components (called the Inner Personalities). As this course explains, these two concepts are not divergent. Physical scientists reach into the invisible realms in order to understand the origin of matter. The "science of soul" also delves into the unseen mysteries of creation, along with the philosophy of the human intellect.

In this four-level course, participants will dissect the mysteries of our universe and of the human being. Based on research grounded in knowledge obtained by Falco, students will explore:

  • the nature of the soul (which help us to communicate with ourselves).
  • the Inner Personalities that are part of our divine origin as human beings.
  • reincarnation and our journey through time.
  • the laws that regulate the universe and life.
  • time structure.
  • Cosmogenesis.
  • the spiritual eco-systems.
  • Magic and magic technology.

The goal of this course is to expand the perception of ourselves and of life, in general. From this understanding, we are able to create and promote lifestyles that are in harmony and equilibrium with the universe.

To study in a course or school offered by Damanhur University, you must be at least 18 years of age or 16 with parental consent. For children under the age of 16, please contact Damanhur University.