The Paths of the Dream

  • Perception

Consciously Explore the Inner Sense of Dream

We all dream, even if we don't remember our dreams... and we are always dreaming, even while awake. It is the sense of dream, an inner sense that comes from our divine origin, that allows for the perception of high-levels of information "felt" by way of emotional channels.

Dreams manifest in different levels, each with corresponding functions. We move from simple dreams, in which the mind reorganizes and re-examines the events of our day, to more complex dreams that extend beyond our current perceptions to other points in time or in which we leave our physical bodies and enter the astral planes of reality. More advanced, and much rarer, dreams allow access to the "Threshold", the realm of preserved memories and information waiting to be inserted (reincarnated) into new forms—the Threshold is discussed more deeply in Spiritual Physics and Humanistic Philosophy.

Dreaming is a fundamental element of life and is vital for spiritual growth and self-awareness. With training, this sense provides the base for conscious participation in different planes of reality, restructuring the mind to let go of its need to translate sensations into physical experiences and instead contact the primeval laws directly using other logics.

Taught in three levels, this course shows you how to interpret the dream and, with practice, consciously act in other realms. The most original technique used, developed at Damanhur, is the use of dream signs—archetypal signs that are known and understood by the unconscious mind—to open psychic patterns that support the passage to different levels of dreaming. Exercises given can be done nightly to strengthen lucid dreaming activity and aid in deciphering the events and sensations experienced.

By training our sense of dream, we can use our dreams deliberately, both asleep and awake, for our personal evolution and growth.

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