Introduction to Spiritual Physics

Where Science and Spirit Meet and Deepen

Spiritual Physics begins where quantum physics ends, opening up new ways of understanding the world and the universe. It is where scientific and spiritual perspectives meet and deepen. This fascinating three-hour introductory presentation offers a broad overview of Damanhur's complex yet precise vision of how the universe was created and how it primarily functions. It touches upon the origin of matter, the nature and evolution of the soul, and our Inner Personalities (or, aspects of ourselves), which make us each unique. The concept of reincarnation is also discussed from the unique Damanhurian perspective. Rounding out the program is an explanation of cosmogenesis, the Inner Senses (which belong to the divine origin of every human being), spiritual ecosystems (the laws that govern the universe and life), the structure of time, and magic and magical technology.


A tour of Damjl is required for this visit. Some visits and areas of Damanhur are not suitable for children under 14 years of age; before making your purchase, click here to view the minimum age requirements.

Notes for attendees

If this visit is not available in your language and you have a group of four or more people, you can request translation into English, Italian, Spanish, French, Norwegian, German, Japanese or Croatian. Contact the Welcome Office before your purchase for more information.