Meditative Reflections in Clay

Sculpting as an Act of Self-Discovery and Personal Expression

If you have a free day in your itinerary during your visit to Damanhur, Create with Clay is a fun and personally gratifying way to spend it. Immerse yourself in creative abandon! This full day of playful medit-action incorporates the art of sculpting as a tool for self-perception and an inroad to discovering hidden talents. Facilitated by an experienced Damanhurian sculptor, you will make contact with clay as a means to remold memories and emotions from the depths of your heart and soul.

Meditative Reflections with Clay is more than art for art's sake. It is a dynamic act of catharsis involving the elements. The clay that is used—made with water, dust and earth—is symbolic of the natural cycle of life and death. Fire is added to forge a lasting creation. By connecting with and harmonizing these same elements within yourself, you will find that your hands are able to evoke images in a true and direct way. From there, the images can be manipulated to "change" the emotion or memory itself. This is one of our most popular workshops and comes highly recommended by those who have had this moving opportunity to freely express through their own hands.


A tour of Damjl is required for this visit. Some visits and areas of Damanhur are not suitable for children under 14 years of age; before making your purchase, click here to view the minimum age requirements.

Notes for attendees

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting a bit soiled. This day may also include learning about aspects of living in community and working collaboratively in a group. No prior training in art is required to experience this workshop. If this visit is not available in your language and you have a group of four or more people, you can request translation into English, Italian, Spanish, French, Norwegian, German, Japanese or Croatian. Contact the Welcome Office before your purchase for more information.