Photo of the Popolo Spirituale

An Annual Celebration of Community Life and the Popolo's Collective Achievements

Every summer, members of the Popolo Spirituale meet to celebrate our collective achievements and strengthen our bond even more. On this fun day, everyone enjoys coming together and spending time as a community, and a photograph is taken with all members of the Popolo.

If you are a member of the Popolo, please join us! Can't come to Damanhur to be a part of the photograph in person? Those who are not present on that day can email a photograph of themselves dressed in white at least 10 days prior to the event. It will be inserted into the group photo, thereby energetically connecting you to this moment of union. For further information, fill out the contact form and type Popolo in the subject line.

If you are visiting Damanhur and are not a member of the Popolo, you will still enjoy watching as the photo comes together, and tere are always plenty of games taking place and one-of-a-kind goods to try and buy.


To be included in the photo, you must be a member of the Popolo Spirituale. To participate in the ritual and the rest of the day's events, you must have first visited Damjl. Reservations are required. Some visits and areas of Damanhur are not suitable for children under 14 years of age; before making your purchase, click here to view the minimum age requirements.

Notes for attendees

Since this event takes place outdoors, wear suitable clothing, footwear and sunglasses, if needed. Members of the Popolo are requested to wear Damanhurian clothing or white clothes for the photo.