Sacred Dance in the Sacred Woods Temple

Exercise your Subtle Body in a Labyrinth Dedicated to Dance

Sacred Dance is a form of expression using precise gestures to build personal and collective prayers in Sacred Language. It is the language of the body, a form of multidimensional communication. Each dance composes phrases written in the air using a special invisible ink made of your own subtle energies.

Whether you practice Sacred Dance as an artistic expression or as part of your healing practice, the result will leave you energized and balanced. The microlines-subtle energy flows in the body—chakras and inner senses are activated by this movement and can be oriented with your intention to contact the elements, harmonization your energy, increase well-being, guide synchronicity, and heal physically and emotionally. Creating personalized phrases and choreography, you expand your perceptions and sensitivity and connect to spiritual light.

This two and half-hour session begins with an introduction to Sacred Dance and the history of the labyrinth dedicated to dance in the Sacred Woods Temple. After which you will learn a series of fluid and simple gestures from a Damanhurian Sacred Dancer and "walk" the labyrinth through dance. Each sequence brings you further in harmony with nature and stimulates well-being and healing, leaving you feeling relaxed and balanced.


To participate, you must first visit the Sacred Woods Temple in a Half-Day Visit or one of our longer programs. Some visits and areas of Damanhur are not suitable for children under 14 years of age; before making your purchase, click here to view the minimum age requirements.

Notes for attendees

Since you will be in the Sacred Woods Temple, wear suitable clothing and footwear. If this visit is not available in your language and you have a group of four or more people, you can request translation into English, Italian, Spanish, French, Norwegian, German, Japanese or Croatian. Contact the Welcome Office before your purchase for more information.