The Sacred Woods Temple

A Day in Damanhur's Enchanted Forest

The Sacred Woods Temple—located on about 124 acres (50 hectares) above the Temples of Humankind—is one of the most magical places on earth to make contact with the plant world and nature spirits. In fact, it is where three Mother Worlds converge: the plant world, spirits of nature and, of course, humans and animals. The honoring and strengthening of these three worlds is crucial at this moment in our human history, and you will discover why on this full-day guided tour.

On the surface, the Sacred Woods Temple is an enchanted forest lush with plant life. Simply walking along its sprawling, nut-scattered pathways is enough to settle you into a state of tranquility and wonder. In this primitive place, the gifts of nature awaken all the senses: the pulp-scented air, the lilt of birdsong, crunchy twigs and feathery moss under foot, majestic trees standing at attention.

And yet, the Sacred Woods are so much more. Directly connected to the Temples of Humankind, they serve as an outdoor continuation and amplification of the energy of the underground Temples. Each tree acts as an antenna that transmits and receives information through the Synchronic Lines—the rivers of energy that flow continuously around the planet. This allows the trees to connect with other trees and to the forces of the plant world around the world, with astonishing ramifications.

Creating this interconnectedness among the Forces of Nature in the Sacred Woods Temple has been a focus of Damanhurians in recent years. As we have given the trees the respect they deserve as Matriarchs-Patriarchs holding ancient wisdom, they have responded in kind by connecting with people. This beautiful symbiosis is what makes The Sacred Woods Temple a truly sacred place.

The morning begins with a brief explanation of Damanhurian philosophy, the significance of the Sacred Woods and the importance of the union of the Three Mother Worlds. We will open with some simple breathing and Inner Harmonization exercises to broaden and amplify perceptions that will prepare us to make contact with the subtle energies of the plant world. Then we will gradually enter the woods and follow the successive pathways to the magical stone labyrinths. Once in the heart of the woods, we will encounter the standing stones (called "menhir") that modulate the energies of the earth and sky. As it has been done around the world since ancient times, these labyrinths are active paths for "meditation in motion." They encompass one of the most important ritual sites at Damanhur for every solstice and equinox.

After lunch, we will make direct contact with the Sacred Woods' trees either by spontaneous individual contact or through the journey of other prepared labyrinths. The day will conclude with an opportunity for discussion and to compare one's past and present perceptions. You will leave the woods feeling a deep internal sense of connection to the mystical plant world.


A tour of Damjl is required for this visit. Some visits and areas of Damanhur are not suitable for children under 14 years of age; before making your purchase, click here to view the minimum age requirements.

Notes for attendees

Program typically includes lunch. Since we will be spending the day outdoors, wear comfortable footwear/clothing and bring drinking water. If this visit is not available in your language and you have a group of four or more people, you can request translation into English, Italian, Spanish, French, Norwegian, German, Japanese or Croatian. Contact the Welcome Office before your purchase for more information.