Past Lives Research

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Re-Embody the Story of Your Soul

Like various other cultures around the world, Damanhurians believe that the soul survives physical death. We, therefore, have many incarnations. This "story of our soul" across the vast continuum of time and space carries with it valuable information that can assist us in our present lives. What we learn about our "former selves" can infuse or current experiences with deeper meaning, purpose, contentment and joy.

In this five-level course, participants learn the uniquely Damanhur approach to remembering one's past lives (at least, the ones that are most significant to one's present life). Students are trained in practical techniques to help resurface memories, talents and opportunities that can be utilized now. Art, theatre, meditation, play, journeying and other practices are explored to help students reawaken and re-embodying the "character" they once were. In doing so, they learn how to apply this to the present in order to better under their personality traits, reconnect with past competencies and overcome limitations.

Level 1 allows participants to deeply investigate one past life and receive inklings of another. As the course builds through 4 levels, students have an opportunity to send the accumulated intuitions they've received about their past lives to Damanhur's Way of the Oracle, where this information is verified. By the end of level 5, the person is able to comprehend the "big picture"—to see their many lives as pearls on a necklace, each one being precious and connected by a single purpose and mission.

Anyone who is motivated simply by curiosity or by a deep desire to know themselves better would enjoy this curriculum. The preparatory process is fascinating in itself: participants are asked to submit two photographs one month prior to the start of the course: one recent photo and another taken sometime in the past. Both photos must be dated with a full name, place and date of birth. Specialized past researchers at Damanhur then accurately investigate the person's past lives and issue a personal report during the course.

To study in a course or school offered by Damanhur University, you must be at least 18 years of age or 16 with parental consent. For children under the age of 16, please contact Damanhur University.