Transformation and Cultivation of Memories

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Use Time Seeds Technology to Reconstruct your Emotional Memory

Using one of the most advanced discoveries in the field of time research in Damanhur, Transformation and Cultivation of Memories teaches a simple and effective method using avant-garde, Selfic technology called "Time Seeds" to review the events of your past—especially those affecting the first 6-7 years of life—and reinterpret them according to a new vision of your choosing. Actively transforming the negative consequences of emotions connected to a specific memory changes, by consequence, your emotions and behaviors in the present.

Each one of us views our world through the lens of three active rivers that flow within us. These rivers were not chosen by us, but are instead the product of our education, environment and generic heritage. Everything you have learned from others at an early age was necessary—and surely thought to be in your best interest—though it was not consciously chosen by you. Your environment—culture, taboos, fears, media, morals—has created a filter in which you view and perceive current events. Contained in your consciousness is a genetic heritage inherited from your ancestors, the race mind, and the stories of your family, which you use on a daily basis to process information and make decisions.

These rivers can act as a barrier to the full use of your free will. To evolve spiritually, it is essential to learn how to navigate your rivers and choose which path to take. This course gives you the tools to achieve greater inner clarity, resulting in the lucidity needed to identify desires and projects in alignment with your core essence.

During the course, a time seed is inserted in your aura. It has a double path of development: one branch, as in the case of the seed related to transforming memories, develops towards the past. Another branch goes toward possible futures, "transporting" your projects. This second branch does not have a deadline; it can continue to sprout throughout your whole life, if it is nourished with attention and use. Otherwise, after about three months, it withers.

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